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Welcome to your no.1 resource for highly trustworthy and reliable essay writing services reviews. Here, we will help you understand all the important aspects about how bid4papers works, what are the services offered and how much you will have to pay for the papers.

Carefully read this bid 4 papers review, and then you will be able to make a well informed decision. Bid 4 papers promises to deliver an individual approach to each order. This means that you will receive only personalized academic papers written according to your instructions. They have a user friendly website with an interactive interface where you can easily find whatever you are looking for. This paper writing service offers a full range of solutions for both high school and university students.

List of Services

We carefully researched the entire site to find the full range of services they offer. However, we could not find any section dedicated to the exact types of papers they offer. We found this fact a little disappointing, because each top reputable essay writing service will offer a clear and concise list with all the services. On their website, they have a “latest orders” section and there we could check out some of the latest orders they got from students.

So here are some of the writing solutions they offer, based on the latest orders:

  • Creative writing- Religion- Theology- a paper entitled “Discipleship and a Healthy Church”.
  • Critical Thinking- History – it is possible to place an order for a paper in History, but then the writer will choose the topic. We didn’t really like this solution, because most often college students need to write papers based on a specific topic or even a given tile. When the writer can choose the topic, he can write about anything and that might not be suitable for your specific requirements.
  • Leadership Exploration- this is yet another paper where only the title is specified, but we don’t know what the main topic is. It could be Social Sciences, but it also could be Psychology. We really didn’t like the fact that papers are not organized based on clear categories such as main topics/ subjects. This is why it is important to read bid4papers reviews before actually placing an order.

Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy

Bid4papers allows customers to choose the prices for their orders. Basically, clients get two types of prices for the papers they order. For example, if you choose to buy an essay that is 2 pages long, with the topic chosen by the writer you will need to pay $35. Then, if you choose a research paper that is 11 pages long, on the topic of Contemporary Social Theory, you will need to pay $300.

Prices vary greatly based on factors such as the deadline required, the length of the paper and the type of paper plus its complexity level. What we didn’t like about the pricing is that they do not enlist full prices for all types of papers. They just give you two examples of how much your papers would cost and nothing else. We consider that it is extremely important for students to know exactly how much their paper will cost before placing an order. does not offer any discounts, although we have thoroughly checked the entire site.

Quality Evaluation

We have placed an order of an essay in American Literature. The essay was 5 pages long, and we can say we have received an average quality text. The research was done well, and some of the ideas really sounded great. However, the paper lacked some good consistency and these ideas were not unified as they should be in an essay. Then, editing of the paper looked quite good, but they forgot to add the bibliography and references page.

On a scale from 1 to 10, the essay we ordered would receive 5 or 6 points in our opinion. Even though the overall impression was good the paper still lacked some important factors.

Customer Support

Bid4Papers offers 24/7 customer support in writing. You cannot call them on the phone or chat directly with the customer support representatives. If you have any questions or concerns you just need to create a new ticket and wait for a response. Based on information available on their website, the average response time is approximately 8 minutes. We have tested their support, and received an answer within 1 hour.

Types of issues they can help you with through customer service:

  • Any sort of miscommunication problem with the writer assigned to your project
  • Questions/concerns regarding the quality of the paper
  • Payment processing related issues


This is my second order with them

Both papers brought me an average grade, but I wasn’t looking for excellence, just some help with my essays in History. I got a passing grade which is enough for me. If you are not looking for the best quality you can use their friendly services. I think I will order again from them


I recommend their papers on the sociology topic

I learned about bid4papers reddit through a friend of mine. I can’t say I am fully satisfied with the quality of the papers, but there were some good ideas highlighted there. I don’t know if I will use their services again…but I recommend their papers on the sociology topic if you need any help with this subject

Anna H

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